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5 Pcs. Zeiss Microscope Dic Objective Adapters For Universal, Photo And Standard

   Zeiss Microscope DIC objective adapters for Universal , Photo and standard microscope. The adapters has a slot for the DIC prism sliders. Please see the pictures for the actual Items. One adapter has some rust looks but the objectives fits fine. 15 euros for: BE, DE, DK, FR, GB, LU and AT. 19 euros for: FL, IE, IT, PL, PT, ES, and SE. On request I will send you the invoice with 21% VAT. Diatomsshop slide slides coverslips slips coverglass cover glass coverglasses microscopy. Mikroskop diatomea diatomee diatom diatoms diatomeen diatomeeën kieselalgen diatomees diatomées diatomeas ...
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