Zeiss Microscope Inko Dic Phase Contrast Pol Condenser 4 160 Mm Objectives

   This Zeiss condenser is part of the 160mm photo microscope 3 or universal or ultraphot 3 family of microscopes. This is a DIC Normaski with two positions, 2 and 3. Position 2 Wolaston prism part number 43 44 05 greater or equal to 40. Wolaston prism part number 43 44 04 less than or. To 16 allowing the use of DIC with Zeiss plan objective. There is also phase 2 and phase 3 standard for Zeiss phase objectives and a brightfield with iris position. Everything works as it should. There is a red pole 46 52 68 achr. This condenser can be used for polarizing work as well. Hard to find ...

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