Olympus Bx61 Motorized Microscope Dic Fluorescence Pred Bx63 11960

Zeiss Axioskop 2 Mot Motorized Upright Dic Fluorescence Microscope Sku 061

Microscopy Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Tirf Microscopy Daniel Axelrod

Intro To Fluorescence Microscopy

Zeiss Axiovert 200m Inverted Fluorescence Dic Microscope Pred To Observer Z1 13047

Olympus Bx41 Upright Macro Fluorescence Microscope Sku 005

Differential Interference Contrast And Fluorescence Microscopy

Olympus Bx51 Upright Fluorescence Microscope Sku 004

Olympus Bx61 Wi Fluorescence Dic Water Immersion Microscope Wi Objectives

   Olympus BX61 WI Fluorescence DIC (Differential Interference Contrast) Water Immersion Microscope. Neuroscience, Live cell, micromanipulation, Alzheimers research, Cancer research, Drug research. Fully Automated Fixed stage Water Immersion microscope for live cell observation. Includes 60x WI Fluorescence Objective. Ultra wide field observation head. Two position flip objective turret. Frame has arm height extender kit installed for extra long working distance. BX2UCB controller with cables and Olympus control software. 100W HBO Fluorescence lamp house and Fluorescence system. ...
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